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More cute bromides from the Quinrose fair.


You were in a production of Carrie? That is seriously awesome. When pronouncing Takeshi's name in DDIWT, is it with a long a or a short a sound? Is it different with Take? Sorry if this seems silly...I love your blog.

Yeah, an intensive. Thank you~

The Take in Takeshi’s name is actually pronounced like sake, if that helps. It’s a longer A sound than E, but the E is audible.

Hope this helps~





// キャアアア!(((o(*>▽<*)o))) いっちゃんとハルくんはカッコイイすぎる~~~ (๑ÖㅁÖ๑)♡私もL♡VE COLORSのCDが欲しいです!(✪▽✪)

They all look so fabulous xD!

oh my //////

I have this headcanon that Takumi from First Love Diaries is actually Rein in disguise when he was younger.


Metro PD chibis:)

Voltage guy: "Don't fall in love with a man like me."
Me: //buys route

Started this late last night…veryyy rough Saeki/MC/Takao love triangle sketch.


Started this late last night…veryyy rough Saeki/MC/Takao love triangle sketch.

Friend one: Who's your favourite UtaPri character? I like Natsuki.
Friend two: I really like Otoya. He's hot.
Me: Otoya Ittoki, more like Otoya I-doki.
Friends: ...
Me: *slaps knee*
I love you Voltage Inc


We love you too lunanovastar! But…


…do you love us more than the men in our games?




New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」(Our secret love song) screenshots


The blue guy is mine.

New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」(Our secret love song) characters



New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」(Our secret love song)

The national idols whom everyone admires, the lyrics of their new song is written by you!?


An oresama producer


A do-S prince


A tsundere actor (who relies on his acting abilities rather than his looks)


A carnivore (it refers to men who are active in seducing women) mood-maker (he is the life of the party:3) 


A talented songwriter/composer



i LOVE the bgm so much 

I really thought those where Lightsabers for a second there………….

One thousand followers!

So for the last while, I’ve been super busy; first I was in an intensive production of Carrie, meaning getting the script in June/July(?), memorizing it, being in the rehearsal space for nine days, performing on the tenth and eleventh day in August… And then I was in Thunder Bay for the past six days which was very difficult as not only did we drive all the way, which is a sixteen hour drive, but with two dogs, where one has never been in a car for more than ten minutes before.

Well… I didn’t have internet, so I come back to find I have over one thousand followers. I really didn’t expect this to happen when I started this blog, nor even recently; if it was going to happen, I expected it to happen in a couple of months when I was prepared to make something for it…

But thank you all so much for this support. I say it every time, I know, but I really do appreciate it and hope I can keep posting content enjoyable for everyone.

Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Voltage Questions to Ask!
1. Favorite Guy(s)?
2. Least Favorite Guy(s)?
3. Which side character do you Hate the most?
4. Do you want your friends to play the games you like?
5. Which side character you like the most?
6. Ever have a dream of your guy(s)?
7. Ever daydream about your guy(s)?
8. If you can make up a short story about your first kiss with bias, how would it go?
9. Do you feel awkward of telling your friends about Voltage.Inc?
10. Do You Feel Awkward of telling your family about Voltage.Inc?
11. How long has it been since you played Voltage Romance Games?
12. Do you make a weird sound or just giggle when you play?
13. Do you freak out or fan-gurl from the inside when seeing something new from Voltage.Inc?
14. Do you get annoyed of your Voltage Guy sometimes?
15. What don't you like about your Voltage Guy(s)?
16. Do you like the Voltage SMUTS that makes you blush wildly?
17. Do you get jealous of your Voltage Guy(s) being with others?
18. How often do you play Voltage Romance Games?
19. How do you know about Voltage.Inc?
20. Who was your first Voltage Guy?
21. Who was your second Voltage Guy?
22. Where do you want to have your first date with your Voltage Guy?
23. Why do you like your Voltage Guy?
24. Do your friends think your weird to play these games?
25. Do you have a real boyfriend in life?
26. Does your boyfriend know about your Voltage Guy(s)?
27. Does your boyfriend hate that you play with these Voltage Men?
28. Have you ever ship Voltage Men together?
29. Which ships do you hate the most in the fandom?
30. OTPS?
31. Do you draw?
32. Do you write?
34. What's your relationship to your Voltage Guy(s)?
35. Which Voltage Guy(s) do you want to play in the future?
36. If you're introducing your Voltage Guy(s) to your friends/family, how would they react?
37. Do you know everything about your Voltage Guy(s)?
38. Do you RP your Voltage Guy(s)?
39. Do you love 3D better than 2D?
40. Do you love 2D better than 3D?
41. Do you talk too much about your Voltage Guy(s)?
42. Ever got sad over a sad Voltage story that someone made?
43. What was the funny moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
44. What was the saddest moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
45. Another than Voltage.Inc, what other Otome Men do you like?
46. Do you compare your Voltage Guy to Another?
47. Do you get happy endings more or Super Happy Endings?
48. Do you pick the funnies choices or the right choices when you make a choice?
49. Do you wish your Voltage Guy(s) were real?
50. What's your love for your Voltage Guy(s)?